Friday, August 1, 2014


She’s calling out for you, but your nowhere around

She’s shaking and her pulse is falling, she can't speak her throat is swollen

She believes she can see you from a distant, one things for sure shes precipitant 

Because if that is you with her friend, you’ve been telling her lies

She start to cry, remembering every time he told a lie

It’s not even I love you anymore, it’s just back at you goodbye

He brings her home another diamond, she pauses, then she begins to cry
Now knowing why, her diamonds turn to tears
Every time she tells him to leave, he lies again, she can’t win

Her diamonds turn to tears, her suspicions turn to fear, he no longer cares

She’s at the point, where she’s had enough, time with him has been rough

She throws each diamond back at him, each one had a face of him cheating again

Things that happened then, won’t happen anymore, as each diamond hit the floor

Her diamonds turned to tears, her diamonds haven’t fallen in years

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