Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 Good father? Or the real kind?

You would be surprised real kind is hard to find  

 Does a good father leave his child in the car?

  While this good father is laughing it up in the bar

Don’t you get it good father your child’s not a dog?

Good father did you leave the window crack?

Did you leave a bowl of warm water, in back on the floor?

Good father do you help your child with their home work?

Or good father are you emotionally abusing their mother?

Hey good father you think they don’t see how you treat your wife?

Well good father your children will be damaged with those words for life

Good father are you supporting your family and paying the bills?

Or does a good father really rather spend their check on pills?

Does a good father flirt and cheat on their mother?

Or will a good father pimp out his wife your neighbor’s brother?

When it’s over good father do you say you have rights?

Good father every time your kids need you you’re out of sight?

Well good father I’ll give you one thing, you make a real father shine

So who is your father the good one or do you have the real kind?

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