Friday, August 15, 2014


        Obama care I see it around everywhere

        Is it arrogance or does he really care

       The middle class pays it to the millionaire

       they didn't think about that when they built Obama care

       Obama gambled our futures without counting the cost

       What about the economy and the jobs that are lost

       Speaking of cost how about all of our falling soldiers

      Without them protecting us our lives would be colder

      They put their lives on the line for ungrateful strangers

       Who wouldn't lift a finger if we were in danger?

        So if you decide when the soldiers die

        Do you stand over the body and say goodbye son

       Were you the one who force him to use a gun

      Obama I’m not a hater I voted for you

      I’m heartbroken in the job you do

    So I’m asking as a supporter please step aside

   Before another family is homeless or soldier has to die

  They say poetry and politics don’t mix

 But I wouldn't have to if politicians would stop playing dirty tricks

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