Friday, October 31, 2014


       On November eighth @ten to eleven

       The troops were taking down one by one

       Leaving the navy seal to stand on his own

        Fought them off one at a time toward the

         Hill the hero climbed, as the night’s air

        What’s on the other side, will there be a tomorrow

        Or is this where this American hero lye’s

         Dead on November 8th without his story

        About how he defeated them alone all 140

       Not aware until his backup paraded down the hill

       He hasn't seen another soul not knowing if he ever will

       They carried out what was left of him, all the townies waved

         As the American hero had fought for them

         Legend has it on November 8th the falling troops come back

        To solute their hero brother this story has been told

        Many times! But never once though has it been told with tact

        For America to admit our greatest hero was a man who was black

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