Tuesday, September 2, 2014


                 I looked at her without a word to say she looks back at me and turns away

                I see  the pain com pulsing from all the needles in her veins

               seeing her sweat mixed with tears, I ask myself what do I do, should I hold her near

               have I let things go to far, remembering how she used to be

               then she starts to cry so I cry to looking at her, thinking of the things we used to do

               now it's been three damn days she hasn't slept at all not one night

                 I felt her skin start to crawl then I reach for her  to break her fall

               so many tears have falling to the ground, hit the floor without a sound

                  I look in her eyes, I see this glassy with a shine, remember back when her eyes met mine

                 she quivers and shakes, I start to shake to, she held me so tight that I turned blue

                  this is the first time that she can stand on her own, the last time she had a glow was a long time ago

              now she tells her story to all that will listen, make a mends for all that must be forgiving

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