Tuesday, December 30, 2014


        LET HER GO
Let her go and you’ll find

There is no love deeper than mine

No one knows why the good die young

It happens like the rising of the sun

And her Life went so damn fast

In my dreams she never last

Like a fairy tale at the sight of light she is gone

Then she’s gone and you’re all alone

She’s all and everything you’re thinking of

Too Miss her is a hell of a drug

When it comes to her you can’t get enough

Can you see her when you close your eyes?

Is she in every car that passes by

You let her go, so you let her go

Everything you see makes you feel alone

Everyone you love moves on and on

When the light starts burning low

You know it’s time to let her go

Cause if you love her you’ll let her go

You don’t have to say it she already knows

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