Tuesday, December 2, 2014



The feel of my touch

The warmth of your cold

I love you so much

Till the day we grow old

Without you the loneliness  are secrets to my soul

when we're Together our hearts beat as one

the only part of life thats true

 when my heart skips a beat for you

I’ll do whatever it takes

To hold you deep in my arms

remembering our first date,seems like yesterday

watching the sun come down like a fire at dean lake

Without you and all the mean things you  say

to tell the truth If it was anyone else I’d walk away

Then your eyes become my lucky charm

all in all you’ve done everything for me you can

at the end of the day you Make me want to be a better man

you're the reason i get out of bed

like holding you close keeping you near

i dream of every word you ever said

walking on the beach in the rain

laughing as the raindrops are falling on our head

as we raced to the peer

you looked in the mirror your mascara ran

i tried not to laugh but i'm just a man

her laugh turned to tears,what should i do

right now i just don't want to be hear

i see in your eyes the pain, so i cry to

cause i'd walk in mile in burning fire

to take all your pain away from you

i'd carry you through a bed of roses

your my every thought,my falling desire

cause in the end your the heart that i chose

you're the only heart i know

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