Friday, December 19, 2014



Com, on!! Enough is enough trade bullets with love

Because the bullets cause blood  com, on!! enough is enough

Haven’t we seen enough watching all that's been done

Another black kid has falling down Officer did you shoot him

Quiet not a sound Oh no!! Not again

He’s been there for a while Com, on!! Get him off the ground

You wouldn't treat a dog like that Why you treating him

What’s that I hear… he resisted arrest?

Com, on!! Two shots at best To take 9 shots to put the boy at rest

They call it justifiable homicide  It’s sad and sickening to the human eye

Was this young man a trophy on your wall?

Or just a quest of watching another black kid fall

Where the threat when he raises his hands

There’s no gun on this young man

And at the end of the day he’s another dead son

I ask myself does he regret what he done

Or was he just another racist with a gun

I’m a confused man who happens to be white

And saddened enough to know it isn’t right

Maybe it’s time to hold authority with a gun

To a higher standard than everyone

It’s time to wipe our eyes we can see

Cause There’s to many black kids dead on the street

Black on black hatred that’s sad

It’s time to take a step back and breathe

Cause I don’t know about you but it bothers me

Enough is enough replace bullets with love

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