Friday, December 19, 2014


I woke up this morning you were not there

And rubbed my eyes, you could be anywhere

Then suddenly I realize, there’s a note, it says goodbye

You’re gone! You’re gone out of my life

You snuck out as soon as I closed my eyes

Just like that you whisked out in the middle of the night

So many things I could’ve done to make it right

What could I say to make you stay, or has t all been said

You told me to go to hell and drop dead

I would hold you close but I’m looking at an empty bed

I want to make things right what can I do

Could have made you laugh a little more instead of annoying you

So many things I could done, I could have been your everyone

But how could it be what can be done

When we were together no longer have fun

I made my choice, now it’s done, maybe its better off now you’re gone

Some days you have to move on, realize when it’s over and done

So I chose to leave you alone, I’ll no longer be waiting by the phone

She’s gone!! Like the Wisk of the air

She’s gone! She left me and I don’t even care

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