Friday, December 19, 2014


Your trousseau living the way you live

Giving out the hate but you never forgive

You take a trip and you never leave home

You’re in a world made up of your own

You count the cost to all you’ve done

All you’ve lost will always come back

Waiting to see how long your dream will last

As it turns out dreams are over to fast

The only way to the future is through the past

I went through life with a fear of living alone

It’s not my deepest fear it has to move on

Going through life’s stages one by one

Dealing with life’s changes, the fear of moving on

Every day I fear getting out of bed

I’m afraid of what they think of me, and words they said

I don’t blame my dad he did the best he could

We never seen eye to eye, we were just misunderstood

I know when I reach heaven I’ll reach out for him

And shake his hand, and hug him again

Concurring my fears is my final stage in life

I finally reach the destiny of death tonight

So now I lay down this poem from my heart down to words

When you face your fears make sure you’re not misunderstood

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