Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello Dixie! It sure has been awhile

Not much Dixie how are you

It’s been a long long time

And I sure do miss your smile

 I'm not sure if you can hear me

But I've been thinking of you alot lately

I  understand you had your reasons

and you were fighting the pain for awhile

Dixie your the highway of love,in deepest part of my heart

She is all I’m thinking of, thinking of her from afar

we are what we are when push comes to shove

the greatest gift you ever taught me was gift of love

I know you broke your promise a promise to never die

it's OK I understand why,you held on to say goodbye

remembering the good times gone bye

Thinking of you makes me smile and turns to tears

My dreams of you last a million years

I remember every dream I feel every tear

talking to you lately,I feel your signal getting near

you know I’ll catch you if you fall from the sky

I miss seeing the world through your eyes

In my dreams you never say goodbye

Hello Dixie, I’ll see you in my dreams tonight

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