Monday, December 22, 2014



You left me so long ago

 does it hurt when you breath,do you care what you done to me

Isn't it something, how you can still make me smile

Not a moment too soon, I loved you all the while

I've known deep down not a whisper not a sound

   lingered a love all on my own  isn't it something

For so long I've been waiting for a knock at the door

 I've never seen this side of you the side I adore

You left me so lonely, With a heart blinded with  bitter

Just how much text of you I twittered

 i'll never give in, and someday again

to a place were we go, to a love we used to know

every time I go back to where we've been,,I see you with him

 is it a surprise or was it planned, every time I see you it's another man

Some day’s turns to nights, others stand still

Now you say it’s sweeter than it’s ever been before

Isn't it something, but I still love you so

 I’m no longer bitter that was so many years ago

Isn't it something how long this ride will go

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