Tuesday, December 23, 2014



I see the way you look at him

What might have never been surely will never be again

Never been so happy to say goodbye

Never been so happy to tell you a lie

I guess you can’t say goodbye to what you’ve never had

Watching the good times turn into bad

Never thought another man could make you smile

The grin must have lasted a million miles

Maybe we've never been all along

Or maybe you don’t think of me in some sad song

Never been one to admit someone else could love your child

Never been a guy who speaks his mind

Or to find myself a violent kind

Never been a guy to cry over spilled milk

But when it comes to you I will

Every time I see you with him

Think back to what might have been

But this time I know never again

Never again will I see the look in your eye

Never again will I be the one to hold you when you cry

Never again maybe cause we never been all awhile

Never thought you’d whisper in someone else’s ear

And watch him kiss you on New Year to your favorite song

Maybe this never again is a better man than I've never been all along

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