Friday, December 19, 2014


I now must go through my broken life

The falling depths. Of these lonely nights

And I oh yes I!! Promise to always love you

Through everything I've done

To the Day that it all had begun, I swear I will

Always promise to be true, what I've done I've done for you

Forgive all I've done, there’s never been another one

And please! Remember me, where ever you are

Always and forever you’re my guiding star

Until that final day comes, when I can no longer love anyone

And they lay me down to rest, lay your picture upon my arms

Even though! For me you’re no longer in love

And I know I am not the one you’re dreaming of

Always and forever! And you’re in the arms of another

Do you close your eyes when you’re in his arms

Are you safe does he keep you warm

And do you think about those nights we were together

But you say I’m not what you’re looking for

Someday I know I’ll find you upon my door

Until the time has come I’ll see you again in my dreams where love never ends

 I will see you on the other side and then forever and always

I’ll do what you need, in time too you’ll think of me

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