Monday, December 8, 2014


In my dreams I fly to you

I passed your house so I hit the brakes

I think I have this dream everyday

You hop up and grab on my hand, flying through town

I see angels waving to us all around

I’m no iron man my flying nearly Wisk us to the ground

It’s almost day light and I better get you home

If your parents wake up and find you’re gone

Your eyes start to open this is not the way this dream is suppose to be

 You can’t wake up in the middle of my fantasy

But wait if you did would that mean this is real

And could this mean you feel the way I feel

How could you if you don’t know who I am

Could two souls meet in a dream and become one, I don’t understand

Or is this dream I’m having a dream itself

Am I dreaming about dreaming I’m confused and I can no longer tell

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