Sunday, December 7, 2014


           BACK IN 81

Back in 81 when we loved everyone and fun was fun

And this wild ride I call a life had just begun

Back in 81 when it wasn’t cool to be a vegan

Began an actor, made governor, and became legend

The last republican with an idea a man called Ronald Regan

Back in 81 the look of preppy began, the era of disco is dead

The urban sound turned to the battle of rap instead

Back in 81 when a teenager had discovered his first love

And turned around and buried his best friend just because

Back in 81 we could get gas for less than a dollar

And we got spanked when pops was hot under the collar

And crack wasn’t something you smoked
It was what you did when you cracked a joke

Back in 81 it was cool to be in love as a man

And the war on drugs hadn’t yet began

Back in 81 we lived as a nation where black and white were one

And there was no internet, video games, back in 81 we made our own fun

If I turn back the hands of time then I would go back to 81

When life meant something, we loved one another

Back to a time again when I can hold my mother

I’d hold her and never let the year end

Be a better son and do all the things with her I never did back then

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