Friday, December 5, 2014


You’re all I think about, you’re my every single thought

I’m nothing without you

You’re the air that I breathe, when I open my eyes your all I see

I love everything about you, from your name to the things you do

In my eyes you complete me, to the blue that help me see

Without you love has never felt so true

 Every heart break I've ever been through

is nothing compared to you, I’m so lost inside without you

You’re the dream I must pursue

From the moment I saw you then the whole world became clear

  You shown me love like I never knew

There’s so much I want to know about who

Holds my heart so deep inside my soul

I’m no good without you is all I know

You’re the L that brings the O that melts the V inside of me

I’m enslaved inside myself, you free me from this lonely hell

Every poem has its meaning

Most plots come true in the end, you had me @ the beginning

Like all this poem must come to an end

I was nothing without you, someday I’ll see my something again

Now people know who you are, and that you made me who I am

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