Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hold her loosely, but never let her go

Dancing close to the fire, with the music down low

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, was a long time ago

He wants you to stay, but deep down you need to go

Going through life wondering what could have been

Waiting for the day she comes back in his arms again

So he begs her to stay, shes searching for the promise land

She’s heard it all before, it’s not enough he’s just an ordinary man

Same ole drama love strict story you've heard it all before

She’s got different plans, and she’s going to make it

Like a million girls before

What’s wrong with the way things are, working days and singing in the bar

She just doesn’t understand he’s doing the best he can

It’s not enough! He’s just an ordinary man

So he comes running back to her like he always does

To him it’s enough to be in love

She doesn’t let him know deep down she’s glad to see him,

He said he stop by just because, he lied cause he’s in love

She introduces him to the one she’s dreaming of he’s no ordinary man

He lied and said he was happy for her, and giving the chance he’d do it again

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