Thursday, December 4, 2014


                  MY BOYZ!
 one thing my boyz can always rely on me, because I know everyone Gots to eat

I’m here taking care of everything for everyone

so they don't have to go through the life that I had to see

so it seems I got nowhere to turn, and even less places to run

I’m no longer you concern, your the bullet and life's the gun

Some day’s life seems to be unbelievable,the life I lived can't be undone 

but from now on I’ll do whatever it takes to get done, A promised I made to my only son

I promised to be a good dad,and never do again the things from my past that I've done

I pledge to forgive and now I’m legitimate and I no longer talk with a gun

World today is set up to make a poor man fail

Knock, knock on the side of my front wall

Got what it takes, I’m a white boy playing ball

I’m man out a white boy playing with the brothers

They know the score, a lonely white boy with a shitty mother

Unfortunately it happens a lot on our side of town

What can I say its that time of day, we all must get along to get around

Just because we’re poor doesn’t mean we’re out there breaking the law

We’re just like everyone else, want to raise our children the best we know how

The gangsters out there now are nothing just acting tough

I can’t go back to that life, and throw it all away

Staying away has taking it’s toll, has making my life rough

But I’ve had enough, watching the world through a window taking it day by day

By the strength of god who has encouraged me through my child

Have I gone insane, or have i gotten used to the pain

Until the day the streets took my of child, I must take to the streets and never again smile

If I have to go door to door, until I gun down my son’s killer dead lying on the floor

Never stopping, never sleep, never again in my heart be me

Drinking and kicking ass, until I hit rock bottom falling flat

I looked at through a drunken blur, I saw a bright light

Of who me and my promise to my son were

At that moment, I realized who I am the end plan

Even if my boyz gone I need to pick up where it all began

Then I realized this is who I am, a good dad, and a hell of a man

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