Sunday, December 21, 2014


She holds my heart, i hold hers too 

I love her so much there's nothing i wouldn't do

and i watched her first step

Her every step takes my breath away

Watching you grow into a beautiful young lady

Holding you close for popcorn and flicks

Never knowing what’s coming next

OMG! At seven the boys are already starting to text

So as I promised we’re headed to the park

She ride your bike and I got to carry it back

As she stop to watch the birds playing

You ask me if I know what their saying

She starts to skip over lines in the side walk

How can she say so much and never talk

Missing a skip on the way home from the park

As she skins her knee my heart begins to stop

How can someone so small, make me feel so small?

I’m a guy who goes through life tough

When she’s around you turn my heart to mush

Now a few years have gone by

I’m checking FB! And threatening the guys

She’s thirteen going on twenty one

Watching her as her world has just begun

She’s growing too fast….Slow down girl 

Take time to figure out this DAMN world

Remember every moment because they never last

She spends her life living in the past

So now she’s met the man of your dreams

In her world he’s everything…. So it seems

So he’s not perfect, but he loves my girl

That’s good enough in my world

She’s married now with a little one the way

She’ll cherish the times we had some day

And she sings a song to her kids her grandma used to sing

In her grandmas eyes she was everything

Now she’s older and your kids have grown

They left home, and now she’s all alone

Cherish every moment with their grand parents

Cause hers will soon be gone

The moral is stay young, as long as you can

Because in life there’s no second chance

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