Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Remembering standing hand to hand

Leaving a boy and returning a man

Time to time giving orders to defend

An unjustly cause they don’t understand

But they don’t defend the cause

They defend their fellow man

Jarhead aline the defenders of a band of the hand

A true jarhead leaves their base hunting the bad

And don’t comeback until another enemy is slaughtered dead

 They sport on the arm our business is killing, and business is good

Then you finally make it home, now you’re an enemy, but you done nothing wrong

A place you once called home, the protesters tell you that you no longer belong

You answer the call and follow the rules

And the reality of home is more than you can go through

Post war stress is inside your head

You’re back at the war you thought you fled

You contact your command asks for help

And you’re no longer a jarhead, the command will not help

So you return to your head to the life of hell

He hung himself his neck began to swell

Soldier your missions over and so is your hell

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