Tuesday, December 2, 2014

STRANGER MAN !!!!!!!!!

               STRANGER MAN!!!
There was a mother !who was caring and nothing in between

She spared her life in the hands of others

I knew the day I met her she would be the world’s greatest mother

Except for mine, there is no comparison

As yours were well mannered and mild, and hers was the devils child

She gave up her dreams to be a mother at a young age

Without hesitation it was her job her only way

She knew she had to be more than a mother, morally a best friend

There were times of a stern hand, being as fair as she can

She found herself in this predicament over and over again

She was the nicest most kind, mother you could come by

Till the day a stranger took her child away, without a reason why

That’s the day she changed her first she cried, then vengeful an eye for an eye

She made it her passion, to find this stranger man, she watched every guy

That walked by, has she found him again, for months she struck out

Getting even was all that was on her mind, it was all she could talk about

Then it came so clear, this stranger man she can tell he must be near

A mother has a six sense about things of this manner

He was across the road at the diner, before he could turn

There she was she appeared, first shot missed and grazed him in the ear

 The second and third didn’t, he’s dead it’s clear she road off with her neighbor

Who was at the diner old man John Deere, the whole diner clapped because they understand?

The guy next to you could be that stranger man, well she thought she’d have closure

And peace to a mother who once smile, but it made her gun down ever other missing child’s

Abducting stranger man, look out for the soccer mom with a gun in her hand

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