Friday, December 26, 2014


How can something so lovely

 Come out of three colors

In drawing the end is last to be discovered

He speaks out loud, she aint trying to hear it now

It’s what he’s thinking about but the words aint coming out

So now what he’s trying to say, gone girl go away

He can no longer remember

Started in March it’s now December

He can no longer recognize his own daughter

Forgotten all he has taught her

Cause gone girl has taking who you were

He shouts out, but it doesn’t get louder

He asks himself does dream have sound

And why is gone girl always around

He ask because his dreams have gotten gone

This is the new me I’m not making it much longer

How you say I've never been stronger

Move on I’m all wrong girl

We’re fighting 24/7 and I’m standing still

So you wear a mask to hide the shame

This passion for life aint nothing but a game

Tired of you tearing down my friends

You leave and there you are back again

Saying all the things you said

Telling me you wish I was dead

Girl come on leave me along

If your going be gone

Don’t make my regression prolong

Cause me and my friends

With or without you gonna have a good time

And you stalk me on FACEBOOK

Who’s this new friend of mine

She’s new she’s nice

She never starts a fight

What she’s got you’ll never have

A passion for life does it makes you sad

I didn't think so, first you Gots to have a heart

A man and a place to go

Can’t you get it, can’t you take a clue

I’m in love and it aint with you

That’s right take that pill

To make you chill

As far as I’m concerned your gone girl

I blocked and defriended you on my Facebook

You came right back on there with a new look

But I knew right away I could tell

Your so dumb you can’t spell

Telling my peeps I’m going to hell

I guess you’d know your already there

I don’t mean to deviate but when your on

Face book gone girl you need to learn to abbreviate

Because your words are starting to suffocate

And your stupidity is fully accumulating

I’m tired of the retaliations filled with accusations

Only reason you’re not gone girl yet

Preaching to the quire at your congregation

Your lack on common sense has

Caused your obvious retardation

But I must make a confession about

Your racist regression, and foolish

Ideas has caused frustrations

So what do I have to block the world

Just to block and make you gone girl.

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