Tuesday, September 16, 2014


              It took so many Lives it can take yours to

Prescription painkillers are no good for you

            All night long that anxious feeling

             Wishing the night through then

          MY Body starts to sweat and my joints are shaking

          Losing my mind knowing no time soon will this be breaking?

Panic attacks and suicidal thoughts wishing it was over

93 days till I feel right again with only 10 days in

 it all started because I was hurting, now I’m in worse shape and that’s for certain

 and I’ve been up for 9 straight days now where I caught insomnia and that’s endowed

The depressions so bad I want to take my life, let me sleep just slit my wrist to find piece

I’ve giving everything I’ve got just to make it another night, watching the clock has blurred my sight

I don’t get it I follow my prescription But they forget to warn me with a description

93 days from hell is upon me when it’s over I can finally see

When it’s over will I be me

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