Thursday, September 18, 2014


                       A POETS THINKING
 To be a poet is to be among a legend, your inking goes on forever

And to write poetry in a group is where you must forge together

I must not write poetry with others because my poetry is my own

 That’s why I forge alone, it’s like picking chicken from a bone

 You pull every piece, each dialog is better than the other

 My poetry is colorful on its own, some blue but most printed alone

I write poetry about our everyday life, sometimes during the day but mostly at night

Touchy subjects I find hard to print them, then I catch myself printing it over and over again

Writing poetry about family and friends, I find myself writing about you again, yes you not them

When I write I try not to let race figure in, then I finding myself starting all over again

Ink and paper is the best black and white because there’s no wrong there’s no right

 I don’t write poetry to be liked, I write poetry to right

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