Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Been thinking about you all night long
Our bitter sweet love was o so strong
I say a million times this is what I say to you

Gone baby gone is what our love has come to

Long gone, long gone, long gone baby

Gone baby gone is this really what you want to do

Taking it to the test is bitter sweet for you

All our good times are gone

And everything we’ve been through

Gone baby gone when you’re here your here

I’m so lost inside you girl I’m so lost without you

Gone baby gone , when you’re not your not

Long gone, long gone long gone baby

My love was lost without a sound

Keeping my love up for you, when your not your not

Gone baby gone, gone baby gone

I can’t live without you
Gone baby gone, gone baby gone
I love everything about you, heart break is a mistake

It’s a road I do

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