Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A dad serves his family and protects, remembers the good times he reflects

 Then there’s a dude who specializes in neglect, a guy with a lack of respect

So many things a dad must do too many things a dude puts you through

For a dude withers on the bottom of the pile, a deadbeat with no style

A dad brings his kids to their games, only thing a dude brings is shame

Shame for the fall of which they are digging in like a lifelong splinter

Then dad greatness in his kids eye a teacher of lifelong mentor

A dad is not always a family man, he is sometimes single and does the best he can

There are more deadbeats than dads this is a sorry fact that’s sad

One broken promise, a million broken dreams on an island without a single stream

when a dad verses a dude, ones passionate the others rude

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