Saturday, September 27, 2014


 I’m a wolf that runs around the world

 Which wolf would you want me to be a boy or a girl wolf

What kind of wolf should I be vicious or one that loves others

 Would I be a playful one who stayed safe with its mother?

 I just want you humans to believe that I wouldn't hurt a soul

 My obsession for the domestic life you should know has taking its toll

 If giving a chance humans would come up to me and pet me all the time

 They would fluff and scratch my back and rub upon my ears

 We would bond to a point where they forget about their fears

And when we parted we would both end in tears

I just wish someday they would take me home

 Because I’m out in the wilderness all alone, amongst other wolves I've been disowned

 I broke the grey wolfs golden rule, humans are the enemies us against you

But I feel like I’m one of them, I can’t wait till the humans touch me again

I can be your pet and act like a dog, I can even train my tail to wag

 All I ask is for a human to adopt me and just give me a chance

 I just want a part of the domestic life or even a glance


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