Friday, September 26, 2014


    He met her through an ad he seen on craigslist

    A listing for an apartment for rent a place he couldn't miss

    A magical moment their eyes first met the spot they had their first kiss

     So every year their our anniversary he send her an AD filled with their memories

      A craigslist listing that comes straight from his heart goes something like this

      Wanted to rent a space in my heart a commitment for our souls to never part

       One more year and let the ST. of my Mary always be sweet and never be tart
       After he told me about his past a second chance through craigslist he found romance

       I didn't believe him it can’t be true, how this fairytale romance can happen to you

      Then I cried and said grandpa I’m happy for you, things about grandma I never knew

       next time you answer an AD on craigslist this could be that special someone it could be it


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