Wednesday, September 17, 2014


                         THERE GOES MY LIFE
 There goes my life from stardom on top to the handcuffs snapped on by a cop

Life is like ROCK and ROLL rock all night when you’re young to rolling into bed when you’re old

Watching everyone as they roll on with their lives, thinking that could be you or I ‘NOT
We all have choosing the path that god laid out for them, no idea of the where and when

Then again not everyone can be family man, children and a wife was not in their life long plan

What has happened where has their life gone, next thing they know they wake up alone

Their parents are gone, and your having a midlife crisis the plans you made are not so decisive

Thinking back asking yourself if I could turn back the hands of time, would you trade yours for mine

Until today you thought you were happy person, now your life’s nothing but a diversion

What brought this on, did something what catch your eye, like some younger guy

Like some picture show that’s gone in hour and forty five, life crumbles as you prepare to die

Or will your golden age just be the start these days, now and eternity are not that far away

There goes my life, now you have kids and a wife, the family life means no more late nights

A must ballet and soccer for the boys, family life there is no greater joy, so let’s be coy

Your fat but your wife still looks young, your life’s over and hers has just begun

Every hour now you have to take a leak while your wife has just now starting to hit her peak

So if your single or a family man, how your life turned out I’m sure not the way you planned

There goes my life you have five children and you’re on your third wife, yes there goes your life

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