Sunday, September 21, 2014



 a brother thats so deep in my heart that I can feel him breath
he’s far more of a brother that any brother had to be

I know being a brother to me is not always easy

 It sounds exciting but being my brothers not all it’s cracked up to be

So this my award to you in recognition for all you done put it up on the self

 To you my lone Wolfe brother who always put me above yourself

 Some might take advantage and think that’s what a brother is, not me

 I believe a trusting bond of my brother that furthers the comprehension of me

It’s so far beyond anyone’s capability to understand it’s a give and take 50/50

Before I have discussed brotherly love but this is more it’s a bond sent from above

So we work together to become as one, a bond in every stroke no matter what you've done

 Being blood at birth isn’t enough something you must work at it’s a 24/7 earned love

 So this poem is for you, all the brothers done wrong, and everything you've been put through

I only hope your brother is half the man, hope your bond is strong, may he be good to you

 So my bro’s Kevin Scott, Jeff, even your sisters there for you. Oh yeah! Dad I miss you to

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