Sunday, September 7, 2014



Why am I so depressed, where am I in life and what’s left

What could it be dads birthday or is it his recent death

Every time I think about him it shakes my nerves

How can a great man die a painful death he doesn't deserve?

Every day I think about it I start to cry, I’m depressed and I don’t know why

Depression a word no one wants to hear, the panic attacks, anxiety and fears

Am I in the middle of some mid life crisis, am I finding guilt in all of my vices?

I can’t find the reasons for my depression, I’m on the edge of aggression

Life is good I should be happy, I’m in a lonely thought I feel trapped in

 I’m depressed will I ever break free, being depressed it’s not me

To many loses to many deaths, or the guilt of all my regrets

Grinding at me like the grim reaper, digging deeper and deeper

 So I try to think good thought, cause there’s nothing I should be depressed about

1 comment:

  1. This poem is true to me for a time in my life where I was lost, I would do anything at all cost