Wednesday, September 3, 2014


    G MACK
                                     I see the way your treating, disrespecting and beating my game

                                      who you think you is, throwing words around like forever it's a shame

                                       girl you know the score, when i'm with you we're together 4 am

                                        so don't bring me down with words like forever, so you

                                     think you clever pull that gank again you will  never see me again

                                    you play your games, my patience is running thin I'm all

                                    Mack in a game that's so fine, it's a shame I should be Mr. Mack in the hall of fame

                                 don't sweat it,till you go then you bet it then you'll know if you aren't                           down with my G MACK slang then get your ass out of my game

                                     ain't no fault not to blame, your just new to the game

                                     every time that you speak your lips make me weak, you got to do it her way

                                     follow the rules then you'll see, why everyone admires me

                                    put the G on the mack, it will bring your player back, I'm the G in the Mack

                                   this ain't smack down girl keep your crackdown, otherwise you'll get beat down

                                   straighten up if you want me to be around, do I have to break it down

                                      you wont find another Mack, all's you'll find is a string of dudes smoking crack

                                   a real Mack get things done, babe you'll never find one without a gun
                                   schools over lessons done sorry to say your not the one
                                      i'm the mack from the block so think first before you knock a G sleeps in till 2 oclock

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