Tuesday, September 9, 2014


why is our love on the rocks,why would I lie to you

if I tell you the truth would you really think it was true

you say I haven't done enough, you know I've tried

you say I've cheated, your wrong maybe I wasn't there when you needed

but I've never hurt you, I've never done you wrong

in the end you'll find I loved only you all along

so if your looking for a way out, just tell me what this is about

if this is thee end, please just say it again, this is thee end

I don't believe it no way it's true,not with everything we been through

if you are giving up say it now,tell me who he is ,tell me how

so now you have a choice leave me or we can rejoice

say who he is if we're done, so I can find his ass with a gun

but if it's just only me, then i'll let you go i'll let you be

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