Saturday, September 27, 2014



I was grieving so you bought me a hallmark card

After grieving Opening it wasn't just painful it was hard

Finally I opened it and what it said I just couldn't believe

It said my time with you is through fool I’m leaving you

How can hallmark make a card that cruel, one that makes me sad?

This could have been the least most awful hallmark card I've ever read

What happened to the days of compliance and a word of compassion?

Has the kadashians rubbed off on the world of hallmark greeting card fashion?

Has these tasteless times turned our world into a heartless place with no passion?

It leaves nothing left for the heart to desire, nothing left for greeting card empire

So this is a str8 up message to you hallmark, can't you write something with compassion or even a little 


© a heartless hallmark @daydreemerpoetry

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