Thursday, September 11, 2014


I'd give my life up forever for just one night together

I know you don't know me,but you might understand forever

can you feel us touch one another, in thee end are we together

will our souls touch each other will we be together forever

would we need one another we are connected  together

can you feel me somehow, I miss you so much

I dream of you're your softness, the feel of you're touch

the salt in your tears burns right through my cuts

sooner or later you'll feel me, alls I miss is you're touch

but I don't want you to see me right now, I've been through to much

how do I explain this feeling

I feel you to somehow

sooner or later you'll be with me

not today I can't face you right now

 so in my dreams i'll hold you tight

i'm afraid you wont understand me

so in forever i'll be with you tonight

 no you don't know me,cause you wouldn't understand

everyone's needs someone, what will it take to be you're man

I wish I could see you tonight, but for now

 I stay out of sight, who am I

i'm not the guy with you this time

 you can't stop my loneliness 

 you don't understand but whats you'res is mine

 I see the truth in your eyes, but you're lying tonight

I wanna see you again

but you seem to see through my disguised

I  feel the warmth in your eyes, I know what there saying

I seen it before this is just another goodbye

now that you seen through my disguise you know who I am

I  see the truth in your eyes, what is this if it's not goodbye

you say you don't want to see me,then why wont you tell me why

 forever not a  reason, because forever is only in your eyes

just like before to you i'm just another goodbye, 

 I don't wanna miss you but the truth doesn't lie

all the signs point to it's wrong,follow your heart

if your heart says feels it's right, I guess we're together tonight

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