Thursday, September 18, 2014


Force of the passion,beyond earths thrashing

in fierce was a force I said, become the course I dread

many pondering gone wondering in my mind

I fierce for thee if there was a fierce to find

a course at one time was more than a pattern

if I find thee home to build beyond a universe of Saturn

because I am nothing more than a scorned poet of thee

if my life was for so simple a single word could show it

the compression of two lives equal a force of one

I found non greater than the realization of a course done

now could I see thee for more than it is, or become what it is

poetry is bigger than all man kind

something so great that will singly blow your mind

now I call out for thee please help me for I don't understand what I know

single flowing like the blood coursing through your body in a single flow

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