Sunday, September 28, 2014


                   GOD SAYS HI TO YOU AND ME

God loves you, I love you to, upon our love there’s nothing you can’t do

God is your days, I am your night, when we are together the feeling is right

God keeps you up so you never fall, god hears satin's voice whenever he calls

 In the middle of the night a million miles away, I know it’s wrong but I have to say

 That God reminds you and will guide your way, he forgives all, and all you have to do is pray

Pray for all that’s good, pray up through the night, all that’s wrong, will become all that’s right

These are things for you to think about, the meaning behind god’s word spread your wings and shout

  Shout out to all that will listen, hold all the ones that are close to you and kiss them

A kiss goodnight is only appropriate when the feeling is right, otherwise you shake their hand tight

God and me spends our lives watching over you, I’ll watch you till ends of earth till our time is 


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