Friday, October 10, 2014


                  A COWBOY

 Only time a cowboy will fall, is when he finds a faster draw

 A cowboy lives on the edge, a cowboy has no regrets

 A cowboy lives till he dies, a rugged cowboy never says goodbye

 A real cowboy never follows the rules, a cowboy won’t be told what to do

 Cowboys are always on the go, cowboys are nothing without a rodeo

Tough Cowboys live day to day, never letting cowboys feelings get in the way

There’s nothing a cowboy wouldn't do, things he put you through

Cowboy rides or dies, there’s a cowboy in you there’s a cowboy in I

There’s not a bull he wouldn't ride, a cowboy never lies

A cowboy stays true to his form, everyday a cowboys is born

 What a cowboy must go through he, rides until he’s black and blue

There is no law a cowboy hasn't broke, there is no risk a cowboy hasn't took

A cowboy rides hard till the day he dies, beneath the dirt many cowboys body lyes

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