Sunday, October 12, 2014


              OH SANDY!

Oh sandy! You said how you wanted to be with me

You said you didn't care what I've done

 So I told you about my past, and what I've been through

You said you’d never leave, now you’re gone

I’m confused I thought you said I was the one

Oh sandy! What have I done, to make you so mad?

There were so many plans that we had

Lately you've become so distant and so cold

 Now you’re starting rumors so you never loved me

I was just there someone to use, you say I’m too old

I don’t believe it if I got played then why did you stay

After you knew the truth, I tell you why because I’m just like you

I know you remember the way that we flirted

 Someone who didn't care wouldn't hold me all night when I was hurting

Oh Sandy! So you can say what you want, there’s something deeper going on

The things that you said, about me has cut me deep, an unrepeatable pain

Because I know if I take you back, it will only happen again

The path our relationship has taken, there are something’s I can never forgive

There are some things you taught me how to be cold, how to live

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