Thursday, October 9, 2014


            If a cop can shoot me then I can shoot them

            They think it’s the Wild West you’re no Matt dillion

            Watch yourself copper before you get shot by a villain

             Are we coming to Marshall Law, or is there no law at all?

             Shoot now ask questions later, how long before their all traders

             Pretty soon we won’t know who’s who, you shoot me I’ll shoot you

             How did it all begin, a protester or a crooked cop, when will it end

             What can we do, which side we on how do we stop this, it’s no longer fun

             We got families shooting each other, why is that daughter shooting her father

              He got a little too friendly when he shouldn't have been, it will never happen again

              Everyone’s taking the law into their own hands, before you take a life you need to 


             If it keeps up we’ll be in civil war where the government will be knocking down everyone’s door
           So before things get to bad, let’s go back to the law we used to have, today is a good day

           No one gets killed no one dies, we need to get a long we need to at least try

          At least warn us if you walk in the street past this line, we will taser you till you’re blind


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