Friday, October 24, 2014


                      BATTLING A 411
She hates me the way she can relates me smacking me till I can’t see

She hates me from my hip to my knee up till I can’t breathe, I don’t like the way did this to me

I don’t get your bucket list it aint free writing down, where your pencil is your fist you’re knocking 

me around, but not like this

 How you burned me in a fire, it makes me feel good that you think I’m a liar

That’s what keeps the flame full of desire you beat me with a nickel plated handle, at the top of my 

head or a little higher it felt like walking through the desert with only one sandal, sun burned my 

hand off

You make a statue burned with a wax candle burning the number of Mickey mantle, I took what’s

 wrong and it wasn't short what was left of me you took to court you spread the word around, I once 

knocked 50cent down

You said it couldn’t be done he was 50 cent now he’s 51 just another night getting your lights  turned

 out you know what I’m talking about or am I to loud

 Your jaw is always barking, lets lay the 411 down, it didn’t happen by chance more by fait

You smoke that shit long enough you turn into a junkie, hopping around like some super fucking 


We’re not on the playground no more this is for real, not some ole lady looking for a deal

I am what I am and you don’t give a damn, your Scooby and I’m kitty Kat, down from the straight

Its more than I can say, the way I work on the truth and you walk away, I got too much on the line

It doesn’t matter what I say I aint got a dime to my name whatever you need the scores staying the 

same I’m always here

Ask me if I care but you can have whatever you find, I wanted to be there

Turned out to be nutty as a taco you turned out to be ramie and I’m paco I’m done battling down I 

just nailed your ass this round

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