Monday, October 13, 2014


I’m holding you but I’m still alone

 you wouldn't approve of the things I've done

I live another life if you knew you'd be gone

 I promised to always love you, that’s a promise forever

Because you deserve the truth, who I am you'll soon discover

I can’t remember how this betrayal started

 remembering when it all begun, when I betrayed everyone

 Please understand it was never about another woman

Of all the things I've done,I've never been with another one

I’m a burglar who robs peoples houses for money

 But  please understand I would never hurt anybody

I can no longer live this life, i'd give it up for you tonight

i'll turn myself in, I guess this is goodbye

And I couldn't explain it to you I've tried

Tell the children I am sorry I lied

There’s a chest full of money on the second story

And you responded back in a text, there are some things I can forget

But I can’t live without not even for a night, especially not for 20 to life

So we will run together, and put our life behind us forever

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