Saturday, October 11, 2014


                PAY FORWARD

It’s sad how they kicked my friend Johnny a side, he never knew why

 Every time Johnny walked by they turned their heads and roll their eyes

At parties everyone brags about how they help the homeless out, those distressed

 But everyone needs to confess most people could really care less

There are some people who care, everyone should take time to volunteer

That could be either me or you, down on your luck, living in a card board box

 He goes out and spends his whole day begging for food to feed his family

 The streets have taken all his dignity, you think this is who he wanted to be

Finding a job to support his family is always unsuccessful but he’s trying to do his best

Johnny must get a job it Is the only way to get back his dignity that he needs as a man

When a man loses his respect and his dignity he digs a hole and hides from the humility

The humility of failing his kids and his wife, there's nothing lower in a man’s life

The first step is to stand on his own, because his so called friends have all moved on

Only ones he can count on is his wife and kids, whatever you do they will always forgive

You ban together and forge a plan, because without them on your own you could never stand

They are the Din you’re dignity, they believe in you, and without them it wouldn't be

How you have a job and a house, this is the first year in many that the kids have seen Santa clause

If ever there was a story to be told, this is a true story of a man in a family I know

I took him off the street and gave him a job, and got him a place to live

In return he now pays forward, and has opened a home called the bless, for the homeless

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