Wednesday, October 8, 2014


                                         IN TIME                

               She had a dream, of the guy who will sweep her away

              But it’s as it seems, her life never turns out that way

              She can wish for her perfect mate, she can escape to her dream date

             A search through time, He’s out there somewhere, his soul is for her to find

            Together they would make two of a kind, or maybe it’s just not her time

            This is something in life she must accept, girl don’t settle for second best

            Wait for your time it will come, everything that’s wrong will be undone

            God will send you’re perfect mate, might be in a grocery store in some silly way

           He might have started out to be an awful date, he might be someone you used to hate

           Either way he’ll find you on some special day, when you’re not expecting him to say

           I’m your soul mate and I’m here to stay, and in time you will feel the same way

           You’re soul mate might be in disguise, the one you always dreamed of is in front of your eyes


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