Monday, October 20, 2014


When she whispered to you what did she say?

What happens if she doesn't get her own way?

Is she all that she thinks the world revolves around her

Is she the one for you, or are you still unsure

How much can you take, their signs everywhere

Has she been cheating on you, she’s as cold as the winter’s air

She’s a man eater a heartless soul that doesn't even care

You’re not even in her world, your just there for this girl

If it came down to you or a good book

You would lose she wouldn't even take a second look

Break free from everything about her this is no way for you to live

Your better than that, you have so much more to give

A year and a half later, she’s got four kids and a trailer

The queen who used to be doesn't have a friend in the world

Because she was so mean to everyone, now she’s just another trailer park girl

But you have a career and a wife, not for a moment do you regret that night

Choices you make could cost you your life, make sure your choices are right

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