Monday, October 20, 2014



Anthony always lived his life close to the vest, this about him I must confess

He’s the loneliest guy I knew always under duress

all Though his act was happy like a guy on top of the world

Anthony was a good looking teenager, who was loved by the girls

He liked to smoke pot 420 is how he used to chill

He was my best friend, til the day he left this world

a kid gone at fifteen, how can my best friend leave me

Anthony has died  how am I suppose to live it's hard to survive

Thinking about him still after 30 years I say goodbye and begin to cry

Death by drowning is something I just don’t understand

 Anthony was amazing he can do anything

I wonder if it was it accident or was it something he planned

What  happened to Anthony has altered who I am

 would he be married  or be on his own what kind of father would he become

 Anthony dreamed about having children he loved everyone

Would we still be friends or drift apart is our bond forever he's in my heart

Growing old in backyard with chicken frying

Would he have been there when my mother laid dying?

Anthony dying changed my life forever,I know someday we’ll be together

This poem is dedicated to a special friend Anthony, I'd do it again

Without him my life has been a lonely journey with a broken heart

There’s not a day where I don’t think of him

thinking back and laughing about all the good times we been through

as I’m  writing this poem, Anthony’s watching me proud from his home

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