Monday, October 20, 2014



Good girl gone bad, treasured the past that she had

She was better than you knew, there wasn't anything she couldn't do

Till the day that she turned, lost everything she earned, she never knew

The cost of her new plan, no one understands

How a girl like her! Made her turn to a good girl gone bad

Good girl was so sad, which turned to getting mad

Nothing she won’t do, what she has turned into

She likes her new life, she’s bad day and night

Nobody ever noticed who she was, changes were all because

No one wanted a good girl! So she changed and became

 what most women would be ashamed, but not a bad girl, she’s now one cold bitch

she's scratching her new itch, it's all new to her

That’s everything she had a good girl gone bad! Now she turns trick

Makes her family sick, what can her family do, what she’s put them through

Until she went to jail, put an end to this good to bad tail! Now she’s good again

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