Monday, October 20, 2014


 At home they might call him ole smiley

But the rest of the world call him William' Reilly

If he isn't grinning than he is disagreeing

William is the king of racism, if you aint white he don’t see the faces

A fox news anchor who runs the factor, a show to ignore

If you did watch the factor, you won’t any more

His bad attitude act is all portrayed by actors

Because a real man would knock his ass to the floor

His book is number one in the white power line up

Only an ignorant person would consider signing up

I never seen so many ignorant racists at one station

They must all be backwoods brothers’ incest relations

William and Hannity are two of a kind, their intelligence is blind

 Not a brain between them will an American find

I write this poem cause their so damn ignorant

 Any good ideas far between and fairly distant

So if you watch the factor in the near future

You will be amazed by the racist comments, so perverted

Even ignorant people on the show have deserted

All their beliefs and all that they say, the two of them together

 You can’t tell me they’re not gay , the factor zone are frickin kidding

Anyone with any intelligence this show is forbidding

This poem I’m doing things my way, I can’t stand the racist alls I have to say

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