Friday, October 3, 2014



From a glance I seen you out of the corner of my eye

Could it be true is it you or just some blur in my eye

 Thinking back to the true moment when you said goodbye

You left me like the wind blowing, truly without a reason why

Could I be wrong are you still alive or are you playing tricks with my mind

Every time I turn a corner I swear I see an image of you walking bye

How could this be true, it can’t be, you died on a cruise ship buried at sea

Are you a ghost or maybe you have a twin, could reincarnation have brought back again?

I must find out what happened between us and why you left me that night

 if I did would it take my whole life, to find out what happened on that fearful night

Sometimes it feels like I’m in some place I've been before it’s like entering a twilight zone inside

 some forbidding door

 Were you in that forbidding place to, was I there because of some message from you

 I know you loved me the day you walked out the door, loved me as much as the day before

I got the message a message you sent long before after that day I never seen you anymore

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